Compass Resorts Takes on The Spa at Silver Shells

The Spa at Silver Shells

After weeks of brainstorming how to share the serenity of The Spa at Silver Shells, we realized what better way to bring The Spa to you than to go to The Spa ourselves! Three of our marketing mavens, Veronica, Angelique, and Annie, were treated to a spa day, and here’s how it went!

Veronica's Spa Day

Treatments: Vichy Shower + Keratin Hair Treatment

I’ve never been to a spa before, but I’m a huge advocate of self-care. So, going in I was a little nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. But I was ready to take notes to see how to re-create the same relaxation at home. However, after a spa day, I realized there’s a different level to self-care that I’d never explored before. After being pampered, I realized that sometimes allowing others to spoil you adds a different dimension to taking care of yourself.

When I arrived at The Spa, Louise greeted me with a smile, a temperature check, and a COVID-19 screening. She was delightful to talk with as she set me up in the locker room with a plush robe and water-proof sandals. She then directed me to the relaxation room where I had some time to unwind before any treatments.

Tina, one of The Spa’s therapists, came and got me from there and we headed to the Vichy shower room where they perform the full-body moisturizing treatment. She scrubbed my skin with salt and organic oil, coated me in a mud mask, and wrapped me like a burrito in a foil-like blanket. Then, the Vichy shower cleansed my skin and I felt like it simultaneously cleansed my spirit. Tina took me across the hall and gave me the most relaxing massage I’ve ever experienced! Plus, she offers stretching for those who are into exercising, training, or traveling. After the massage I felt like I’d shed my skin and become a new person! Tina left me with a winning smile (a great theme at The Spa) and a glass of lavender champagne—something so scrumptious I will be DIY-ing at home—in the relaxation room. Luckily, due to physical distancing and staggering client appointments, no one else was there with me. I was able to relish in the solitude and sweet sounds of ocean waves before my next treatment.

Jessica, another therapist at The Spa, came and got me for a keratin hair treatment. I have very curly, often frizzy hair, and the keratin is supposed to straighten and smooth my hair until I wash it. After washing it, my hair will still be curly just without any frizz. Sounds like a miracle, right? I glided into another room with Jessica like I was floating on a cloud. We chatted while she washed, treated, and straightened my hair. There’s nothing better than having your hair taken care of by another. Especially when it takes you more than an hour to straighten your own hair only for it to get frizzy immediately after straightening. When Jessica spun me around, I saw an entirely new person! I couldn’t believe how perfectly straight my hair was let alone how much longer, smoother, and shinier it was. And it only took an hour!

Leaving The Spa, I had a giant grin plastered on my face and a peace that made my whole body feel its most content. While I don’t have much to compare my experience to, The Spa at Silver Shells was an experience like no other. Everyone looking for a break or a little self-love should definitely visit The Spa. You’ll be treated like royalty and leave feeling better than ever!

Angelique's Spa Day

Treatments: Sports Massage + Illuminating Vitamin C Facial

Though I’ve been to other spas before, my spa day at The Spa at Silver Shells was unlike any other. I’m a Leo, so I’m naturally a skincare and self-care enthusiast. Since I know my way around spa products and services, I was really interested in the atmosphere and the ‘experience’ The Spa provides. I was happily amazed by the level of tranquility, professionalism, and service the wonderful women at The Spa deliver.

When arriving at The Spa, I had my temperature taken, completed a COVID-19 screening, and was taken to the woman’s locker room to change into a comfy robe and some water-proof slippers. Louise, who’s a great host and source of information, then took me to the relaxation room. There I was able to take some time to center myself by being gently rocked into a peaceful state of mind by the soothing music, mood lighting, and the images of sunsets and beach days displayed.

Tina also came and got me for my first treatment, which was a sports massage. As I spoke with her, I was able to communicate where my problem areas are as she listened intently. She recommended the sports massage. I’ve had massages before, mainly the Swedish massage, but nothing tops the sports massage by Tina. She stretched my muscles and massaged my body where it needed more attention. She then let me in on the secret of having lavender champagne, which I just couldn’t turn down. The lavender champagne left me feeling even more relaxed and indulgent!

Up next was my facial, which was my favorite part. I’ve always used SkinCeuticals, so I was excited for my Vitamin C facial. I’ve never had that specific facial done before, so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. They weren’t kidding when they said “anti-stress facial” because, wow, I felt so relaxed! Nuch--another amazing spa therapist--cleansed my skin, did some extractions, and then performed a brightening treatment. Along with the facial she also massaged my head and neck. With as much hair as I have, you have no idea how good a head massage feels!

When it was time to go, I almost didn’t want to leave. A day spent at The Spa at Silver Shells made any stress or tension I felt mentally or physically leave my body. I could not believe that I’d never gone to The Spa before, but it’s definitely my go-to spa now!

Annie's Spa Day

Treatments: Manicure + Pedicure 

I’ve gotten mani/pedis before — but never from a spa. I thought I knew what to expect, but I was so surprised by how luxurious the experience was! What really set this mani/pedi apart from any I’ve ever had was the elegant environment and the positivity from the staff.

When I walked in, I was greeted by Louise, who took my temperature and had me fill out the proper paperwork. She was smiling and cheerful, and I could feel the happiness in the air. Louise offered me a drink and led me to the relaxation room. The relaxation room was amazing! I really enjoyed the soothing music and relaxing images on the flat-screen TV while waiting for treatment.

Jessica then took me to the pedicure area, and the water and lounge chair were already waiting for me! I thoroughly enjoyed the massage from the comfy chair. We chatted while she took off my old nail polish. Her energy and kindness radiated through the room. The friendliness of everyone really set the tone and made my experience so much better than what I’ve encountered at other salons. Plus, getting to soak my feet in paraffin wax with warm booties just made my day. The manicure was just as delightful as the pedicure, but I still found being able to chat with someone so friendly was what made the most difference during this manicure.

Leaving The Spa, I felt not only peaceful and relaxed but also so much more positive and bubbly after being able to interact with such charming ladies. Being able to curate a warm, calming environment isn’t an easy task, but The Spa at Silver Shells has done an awesome job doing so!

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