Staff member April Springer

April Springer

Silver Shells Rental Manager

April brings years of expertise to the luxury resort properties in her charge. As a dedicated rental manager, April works to safeguard and grow the inventory at Silver Shells Beach Resort & Spa. She has an eye for style, a winning smile, and a talent for vacation home makeovers on a budget. Resort renovations by April are unmatched, and are why so many of the Silver Shells condos are the pinnacle of Gulf Coast style. Her skills and perseverance mean her homeowners get the highest returns possible on their investments. One of her favorite parts of her role with Compass Resorts is the personal relationships she's able to create with her homeowners.

April is a native to the area, born and raised in Fort Walton Beach, and now a resident of Santa Rosa Beach. She is most passionate about personal growth, achieving goals, and time with her family. Her proudest moment was actually becoming a mother! If she didn’t work for Compass Resorts she would be an imagineer for Walt Disney Company.

Favorite Quote: "Don't let grand ambitions stand in the way of small but meaningful accomplishments," ~ Bryant H. McGill

What do you do in your free time? "Most know that if I have free time I am spending time with my family, or taking them to Disney. I love movies, music, and a great bottle of wine."