Staff member Cody Beck

Cody Beck

IT Manager

Compass Resorts’ IT Manager Cody Beck works alongside the rest of the Compass family with a magic wand and top hat. Cody can enter any room and the computer, phone, or whatever else wasn’t working will suddenly be fine. He takes care of all the company’s technological needs, and that’s actually one of his favorite parts of the job. Cody loves interacting with everyone at Compass to help solve their problems. Tech issues are always different, he says, but he loves that it challenges him to keep learning, which he’s extremely passionate about. “There is no limit on the knowledge of the things that interest you,” he’s said. In fact, that’s how his career in IT was started. His proudest moment so far was accepting his first IT job. That’s when he turned one of his favorite hobbies into a career, and we're so thankful he did!

Alternate dream job: Author

Favorite Song: “Save Us” ~ Mushroomhead

Favorite Quote: “Common sense is something that everyone needs, few have, and none think they lack.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

How do you spend your free time? “I spend most of my free time out on the water. When I’m not on my jetski, I am printing weird stuff on my 3D printer or attempting to learn a programming language. I like to write fantasy short stories to relax and unwind if I've been studying something too much and reached a burnout point. It's very calming to ignore the real world and get lost in my own head creating stories and characters.”