Staff member Lindsey Sharpe

Lindsey Sharpe

HR Manager

Lindsey Sharpe is the right-hand of Compass Resorts’ president and one of the only people fit to handle the responsibility and stress of her job. That’s probably because of what motivates her, and what she cites as her favorite part of the job, which is helping others. “I love helping people,” Lindsey’s said. “This is the ultimate ‘let me help you’ position.” She’s also passionate about doing things right and honesty in addition to helping others. She is Compass Resorts’ resident music-recommender and advice-giver because of her kick-butt music taste, sage wisdom, and her Southern charm. Lindsey was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, and moved to the Florida panhandle two years ago from Foley, Alabama, with her husband, Robert. Her proudest moment in life was getting married to Robert. They continue to be one of the coolest couples ever because they regularly go to rock and metal concerts together.

Alternate Dream Job: Professional Organizer or Therapist 

Favorite Song: “There is no such thing as a favorite song, how could you possibly pick only one? There is so much happiness to be had in the massive world of music.”